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What we 

M & L Nonprofit Consulting was developed with the belief that nonprofit organizations are vital to the health and wellbeing of our communities. Unfortunately, too many nonprofits struggle to survive for most of their existence. They often begin with the hope to make an important difference in their community and end up failing because they have burned out their volunteers and have not been successful in convincing enough people to support their mission.

Our chief reason for existing is to help enable nonprofits and their leaders and volunteers to be successful in their mission and sustainable over the long haul. We do this because we value the contributions that nonprofits make for all of us-rich and poor, well-educated and poorly-educated, powerful and powerless.

Invite us into your world, your vision, your mission, your organization; so that we can help you do what you do better, more efficiently, more strategically and more sustainably.


Our Leadership:Mark Lancaster

CEO, M & L
Nonprofit Consulting

Mark brings more than 40 years of experience as the Chief Executive, Lead Fund Raiser, Chief Program Officer or Community Organizer for nine (9) nonprofits and/or faith based organizations. He has been an organizational consultant on multiple occasions, both domestically and internationally. He has raised funds and friends for nonprofit organizations on five continents and in more than 20 U.S. States.

Mark has served on multiple boards of directors and chaired several boards for large organizations like Heifer International. He has been sought out often to lead board training programs and assist domestic nonprofits as well as international NGOs to create sustainability plans for their organizations.

He was once extensively interviewed for a new CEO position in the nonprofit sector and the final question at first took him off guard. The questioner asked, “Can you live with ambiguity?” This has since become Mark’s favorite question when it comes to leadership in the nonprofit sector. Mark reminds his clients often, “If we can live at peace with ambiguity as we lead nonprofit organizations, we can find our way through any difficulty”. 

Mark is ordained in both the United Methodist Church and the Church of the Brethren. He is married and has one adult son and one middle school daughter.



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M & L Nonprofit Consulting

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